Rules and Regulations


On its official website,, McDonald’s has started a survey called the McDVOICE Survey. The McDVOICE survey includes a questionnaire that is solely focused on your most recent visit and asks about the caliber of the cuisine, the behavior of the employees, the accuracy of the order, etc.

Since McDonald’s is making a sincere effort to improve its services, it is important to be honest when providing feedback in the McDVOICE survey.


McDVOICE Survey Rules and Regulations

The basic norms and regulations that come with McDVOICE Survey make the survey more serious. Check them out below:

  • The McDVOICE Survey is only open to Americans who are legally residing there. Nobody else is permitted to participate in McDVOICE.
  • To participate in the McDVOICE Survey, you must have made at least a few purchases from McDonald’s.
  • It is required that you be at least 15 years old. The McDVOICE Survey should not be attempted by children.
  • No McDonald’s employee or their family members should take part in McDVOICE.
  • Any transfer to another individual is not permitted
    for the McDVOICE Validation Code.
  • Within 30 days of taking the McDVOICE Survey, you must submit a claim for the McDVOICE Survey’s incentives.
  • Before participating in the McDVOICE Survey, your purchase receipt must have the survey code printed on it.
  • The McDVOICE Survey can only be taken a maximum of five times per month.
  • At McDonald’s, only one coupon may be used at once.
  • McDVOICE incentives won’t be sent to homes. Within 30 days of your participation, you must go to the McDonald’s closest to you.
  • Your participation will be canceled immediately if it is discovered at any point that you have provided false information in your responses.